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Flat Tummy in 3-Weeks
Flat Tummy Body Wraps
27 Different Tummy Wraps to Flatten and Ton your Stomach.
35 minutes $65.00+
Thin Thighs Slimming Body Wraps
Stimulates healthy circulation
60 minutes $105.00

The Brazilian Fat Burning Spa Treatment 

A new effective way to get rid of stubborn and unsightly fats around specific problem areas, such as the tummy, thighs and buttocks, has come to town! Thanks to leading slimming professionals,ThinSoFast Day Spa, the NEW! Micro-Current Fat Burning Spa Treatment is poised to help women regain a tauter, slimmer silhouette and enhance one's body image and confidence.
The 35+-minute Micro-Current Fat Burning Spa Treatment, that caters to women with flabby skin around the tummy, thighs or buttocks as well as post-natal mums, combines machine therapy with key slimming products in four steps to give effective, long-lasting results.
Active Silhouette Gel
The mild thermal effect of the gel induced by the action of the active ingredients enhanced elimination of waste substances and assimilation of nutrients in the skin layers to promote breaking down of fats
PP2 Therapy
Emits ultrasound waves that penetrates deep into the body to increase blood circulation, speeds up metabolism of body cells to tone and firm flabby skin. 
NEW! Thermo Active Fat Burning Wrap
Contains marine concentrate of Laminara Digitata with its rich sources of minerals, vitamins and trace element as well as Capsicum resin that helps to "kick start" the fat burning activity within the tissues.
Aromatherapy Detoxification Body Treatment 160 minutes $250.00
Electronic Exercise -
Get the benefit of 1000+Sit-ups/Treatment


35/45/60 minutes $75.00+

The Advanced Lipo-Sculpture Procedure
The most technologically advanced treatment in the industry
Five to 20 Pounds $835.00+
21 to 35 Pounds $945.00+
Over 35 Pounds $1275.00+

Deluxe Treatment
Cote d'Azur Body Wrap
Slimming, Healing, and revitalizing
As a first-of-its-kind treatment,  Our Cote d’Azur™ Perfectionist System delivers results that may be visible from the very first session. Active compounds simultaneously sculpt and tone the body, restructure fat tissue, tighten skin elasticity, and regenerate skin collagen for dramatic inch loss and a more sleek, taut and smooth figure.

Each treatment $196
Biogenie Body Slimming Treatment
Perfect for rebalancing hormones and energizing

Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Wine Wraps
results-driven, very effective body wraps

Each treatment $150
Phytobiodermie Body Slimming Treatment
5-Elements body treatment for resistant fat removal.
Each treatment $350

Fat Free Forever Body Wraps
60 Minute Feng Shui for the Body
Includes: Balancing hormones and energy, Each Treatment $365
Improving blood circulation, detoxification,
Chromeatherapy Lymph drainage, toning
Bonus: FREE Fat Free Forever Manual

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Six Weeks Results with our Fat Free Forever Body Wraps
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